3D Revit Model for UCL's Student Union Refurb

Upgrading of S.U. Bar needs 3 models of different features

The Institute Bar at University College London forms part of an interesting 60s concrete structure where part of it is earmarked for updating with health and safety aspects in mind.

The vibrant and poplar bar is on the ground floor of the building and sprawls out into a courtyard where students can congregate as an extended area to the bar. Designed over 50 years ago the skylight windows to adjacent rooms have been adopted as extra seating areas of which are in need of replacing and updating and hence a 3D model of this area was required.

Also needed was a 3D model of a stair well skylight and a model of a set of exterior windows next to the bar.

This was the second part of a survey where the whole building was previously 3D laser scanned to provide floor plans and section. The CAD team revisiting the point cloud data to construct the 3D models which took just over 2 days to complete and deliver.

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