Aerial Survey & Inspection

An exclusive service or as an extension / enhancement of a measured building survey or topographic survey

Cadplan can now offer a new Aerial Survey and Inspection service offering enhanced accuracy for your project in an efficient and cost saving solution.

Cadplan Services’ expertise and trained eye for documenting built environments has evolved with investment in UAV (Drone Piloting) option that is qualified and compliant conducted by a CAA certified pilot. The new service now offers an extended, advantageous facility to document a built environment to aid architects, designers, property owners, facilities managers and site managers.

CAA UAV Commercial Guidelines


  • Accuracy – ability to survey previously less accessible areas
  • Overcome most access problems
  • Reduced risk – Health & Safety Issues
  • Consistent and interchangeable with existing documentation platforms
  • Wider range of outputs

Output / Deliverables

3D Mapping - Point cloud data

Cadplan can transform a series of aerial pictures taken from drone into three-dimensional survey. As a result of it a 3D Point Cloud, 3D Model or Orthophoto can be created. 3D data can be saved in a local or GPS coordinate system – create your own model from the data or your own survey.

Complete Surveys

  • Accurate 2D Drawings for Measured Building Survey, Roof survey, Site Plan
  • 3D Models
  • Digital Terrain Mass (DTM)
  • Highways / Transport Links
  • Volume Survey


Full colour high definition pictures from a whole new range of angles

  • Property Marketing
  • Amenity / Feature Marketing
  • Facilities Maintenance Reference / Survey
  • General Interest

Aerial Filming

High impact visual material previously only accessed by fully manned aircraft

  • Promotional video marketing
  • Property Marketing
  • Amenity / Feature Marketing
  • Facilities Maintenance Reference / Survey
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Colin Dunlop

Colin Dunlop

Survey Manager
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