St. George's Cathedral 3D Project for Cadplan

Jonathan Louth Architects have contracted Cadplan to organise a measured building survey of the Cathedral with extra 3D modelling and print project to come.

The mid-19th century Catholic cathedral, which serves the locally-based Latin American community is to undergo some renovation and current documentation of building's state is needed, including a reference point survey, movement monitoring and section drawings of higher and lower areas.

St. George's was designed by architect Augustus Pugin - who also designed the Palace of Westminster - and included an outer wall stone inscription of which has diminished over time. The inscription is to be laser scanned in its current state with 3D model to be created for a designer to reconstruct the original design. It will then be used to recreate the original using 3D printing for exhibition purposes.

Cadplan will be on site for 5 days total surveying the cathedral with initial survey drawing delivered within 2 weeks with 3D model to follow.

Video of 3D model using combined photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning:

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