Cadplan now offering clients free use of web Share cloud on projects

Cadplan are excited to announce that we will now be offering free use of webshare cloud for our clients for 6 months. We have made a short video on how to use this system as well as a blog post below on why you should be using this great service.

What is webshare cloud?

SCENE web share cloud is a software designed by Faro. It is a multi use comprehensive service to provide users with simple access to 3D Documentation.

No need for any technical training or specialist skills in 3D scanning to be able to use the interface. All you need is access to the internet from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Cadplan are always seeking the latest software to increase the quality of service to their valued clients. We use the Latest Faro 3D scanners to create 3D digital plans which can be produced from point cloud as well as uses for many other projects for clients.

What can you use web share for?

The intuitive program allows you to walk to your site from your PC, mobile device or tablet and record measurements, annotate with site specific data or carry out simple calculations. Scan data is seen through 360 degree high resolution images using its 70 megapixel camera. These photos hold point cloud data behind them making them incredibly accurate to measure from.

Using this software can save clients a huge amount of time and money because clients don’t have to walk on site as they can get all the data they need from the touch of a button.


1. Clients can get highly 3D accurate data with a panoramic view from site on their mobile phones, tablets and PC.

2. Clients can get specific data measurements from any part of the scans by picking two or more points of the interactive survey.

3. Clients can use annotations for additional information, descriptions or hyperlinks which can be added to the laser scan data.

4. Clients can use the software anywhere from their mobile phones, tablets or computers by logging in online from the internet.

5. Project overview for all projects which can be exported to a USB storage device.

6. Secure Data - All data is secure via state of the art encrypted data transmissions. Projects can be either private, shared publicly or between specific people.

7. Reduce the expense of rework and project delays as work is available immediately.

Who would benefit form Web share?

Well this is pretty simple. Anyone who needs 360 degree accurate images and measurements.

For applications within the fields of BIM, architecture, It is specifically designed for applications like BIM and construction information/asset management. With its user-friendly access to reliable as-is information of buildings, plants and construction sites.

For more information or if you would like a quotation for any of our services please contact Mark Rosier:

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